mercredi 8 mai 2013

Puces de la Couturière 2013, Hermanville-sur-Mer (14).

Le dimanche dernier, nous avons pris un stand aux 9ème Puces de la Couturière, Hermanville-sur-Mer (14).
Last Sunday we had a stall at the 9th Puces de la Couturière, Hermanville-sur-Mer (14).

Merci beaucoup à l'équipe de femmes dynamiques et enthousiastes.
Thank you to the lively and enthusiastic organising team! 

Voici quelques images de la journée ...

Here are some pictures from the day ...

aiguilles à tricoter en abondance - knitting needles a plenty!

Laurence Benoit-Bossard

Friandises en pâte polymère par Anne-Ingrid. Treats in polymer clay from Anne-Ingrid.

4 commentaires:

Karen a dit… #

I would have loved to be there and pick up some of those lovely items :) Looks great!

Martha a dit… #

Looks like a lovely day. I would have loved to be there to see everything in person.

Linda a dit… #

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.

vivinfrance a dit… #

Wonderful event. Too late for me now, but perhaps we could make the next one if I knew when it would be: we're only about 2 hours away.

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