samedi 4 mai 2013

Les progrès dans le jardin ... The progress in the garden ...

Les progrès dans le jardin ...
The progress in the garden ...

Comme vous pouvez voir j'ai un rôle essentiel - tenant une tasse de thé!
As you can see I have a vital role - holding a cup of tea! 

Et oui - l'un de nos ouvriers est une femme!
And yes - one of our workmen is a woman! 

N'oubliez pas que nous serons aux Puces des Couturières à Hermanville-sur-mer (14) demain! A demain.
Don't forget that we will be at the Puces des Couturières at Hermanville-sur-mer (14) tomorrow! See you tomorrow!

3 commentaires:

MulticoloredPieces a dit… #

Having to struggle with masons lately, I'm thinking that the work your getting must be better because there's a woman in on it (besides you drinking tea!)!
best, nadia

PS. Really enjoyed the previous post about La Cigale. That trompe l'oeil ceiling with the people looking down at you is outstanding.

Cath a dit… #

Someone has to hold the tea! what is the work in the garden going to be...i am intrigued.
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Beatrice a dit… #


"Dibley et Femme" not quite "Dombey and sons" but close!

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