lundi 6 mai 2013

Giveaway Day.

J'ai des nouvelles! Aujourd'hui, c'est "Giveaway" jour (qui dure en fait une semaine!) sur le blog Sew Mama Sew. Il y avait beaucoup, beaucoup de blogs intéressants à visiter! Cela veut dire beaucoup de chances de gagner quelque chose! Tous les Give-aways sera ouverte jusqu'au 10 mai 2013.
I have great news! Today is Giveaway Day (although actually the fun lasts a week!) over at the Sew Mama Sew blog. There will be many, many interesting blogs to visit and that also means plenty of chances to win a prize! All the Giveaways will be open until 10th May 2013.

Qu'est-ce qu'il sera mon cadeau? Je suis heureuse d'envoyer un colis à n'importe quel pays dans le monde - donc tout le monde peut prendre part! 
So, what will be my Give-away? I'm happy to post the parcel to any country in the world - so please do join in!

Un "charm pack" de moda "French General" de style français. 42 carrés de tissu (12,7 x 12,7cm)
A charm pack from moda "French General" in the French Style! 42 fabric squares 5" x 5".
Pour avoir une chance de gagner ces tissus je voudrais vous laisser un commentaire et répondre à cette question (in any language) ...
For a chance to win these fabrics I would like you to leave a comment and answer this question (dans n'importe quelle langue) ...

Que faites-vous avec vos quilts quand vous les avez terminé? Est-ce que vous les donnez comme cadeaux? Comment les gardez-vous? Comment montrez-vous dans la maison? Je vais profiter de lire vos réponses et  idées - maintenant que ma pile de quilts grandissant!
What do you do with your quilts when you've finished them? Do you give them away as gifts? How do you store them safely? How do you display them in the house so that they can be seen and enjoyed? I shall enjoy reading your answers and ideas - now that my quilt mountain is growing!  

Il y a une deuxième chance pour membres de mon blog. Si vous êtes déjà membre, ou vous devenez membre, laissez un deuxième commentaire pour le dire. Je serai heureuse de vous avoir à bord!
Si vous êtes un blogger avec pas de réponse, vérifiez votre adresse e-mail dans votre commentaire. Vous pouvez le cacher
comme celui-ci : - boutschoisis arobase gmail point com.

There is a second entry for my blog followers. If you are already a follower, or become a follower, please leave a second comment to say so. I'll be very happy to have you on board!
If you are a "no-reply" blogger you will need to add your email address to your comments. You can disguise it like so: -  boutschoisis at gmail dot com. 

Pour mes lectrices françaises - je sais que beaucoup n'ont pas les blogs "blogger" avec GFC et qu'il existe de nombreuses façons de suivre un blog. Si vous lisez mon blog régulièrement par un autre moyen vous pouvez toujours avoir une deuxième entrée - bien sûr! Il suffit de laisser un deuxième commentaire à me dire que vous me suivez!
I know that there are many that don't use "blogger" blogs with GFC and that there are many different ways to follow a blog. If you read my blog regularly by another means you can, of course, still have a second entry. Just leave a second comment to tell me that you follow me! 

Bonne chance!
Good Luck!


190 commentaires:

Jamie B a dit… #

Well, I have never yet made a full quilt, just smaller projects like pillows and bags and the like. :)

conny's quilts a dit… #

My quilts: We USE them, as much as possible, to crawl under when it's a bit colder, on our beds, to give away, and as wallhangings that I can change now and then!

Sherry a dit… #

I am new to quilting by have had two of my quilts professionally quilted and they are waiting for binding. I plan to give most my quilts away when I get enough completed to give each of my children one.

Sherry a dit… #

I am a follower of your blog.

Quiltfrouke a dit… #

I like your blog , i am a follower !
And i hope win a give away :-)


Mountain Home Quilts a dit… #

Sometimes I sell them. Sometimes they are for family. We have quilt racks and quilt hangers throughout our home that display the quilts I've kept. I'd love a large armoire though to display future ones in!

Nessa a dit… #

I have only made two, one for the lounge room and it is stored over the back of the couch - but we change the folds regularly, and one for a friend's baby and it is well used so never stored.

Sheila a dit… #

Most of the quilts I have made became gifts but is do have lots of quilted wall hangings on my walls and also on furniture , running out of space ;-) thanks for the chance to win.
I am a follower .

Susan Snooks a dit… #

I have made over forty quilts, some of which I have given away. Others I display on an old ladder( it was from a library) and more on a bakers stand with books and photos! Thanks for the great giveaway.

Susan Snooks a dit… #

And I am a follower through google reader.

Wendy a dit… #

I love to decorate with my quilts. I give a lot away,to family.

Wendy a dit… #

I am a follower!

Unknown a dit… #

I am currently making my first quilt ever 2012 FQS mystery BOM) and I am planning to give it to my mum when it's finished. Merci beaucoup!!!

Mara a dit… #

French General fabric, hehe, you are so funny, I am a follower already.

Mara a dit… #

I am just now quilting my first quilt, so I don't have very much experience but I love the idea of taking one of those old wooden ladders and laying you quilts on the rungs so they can be seen.

Jessica a dit… #

I've only just finished my first quilt, and that one will be a gift. I have it in my head that I want every bed in my house to be covered with a quilt that I've made. :) I want to make sure everyone I love has one to keep them warm!

kbzelazny a dit… #

I give away some quilts, but the ones that I keep are out on the furniture. Thank you!

auntie sash a dit… #

Pour maintenant, les cadeaux.

Stephanie @ Quarter Incher a dit… #

I hang some of them and put others away :)

Stephanie @ Quarter Incher a dit… #

I'm a follower :)

auntie sash a dit… #

Et j'ai devenu un membre de votre liste.

Betsy a dit… #

I only make quilts for my family. I display them by hanging them on the wall.

Rachel a dit… #

I have only made baby quilts so far, all were given away as baby gifts... I am trying to be brave and try a full-size quilt soon!

Rachel a dit… #

I am a new follower! Cheers!

Anonyme a dit… #

I give nearly all my quilts away.

Jocelyn a dit… #

I do give some away, but mostly keep them. I display them around the house and change them out for the different seasons. One stays on my couch in the living room, and that one is made with my favorite fabric, French General :-)

Born4Travel a dit… #

I have only made 2 quilts so far. One I gave away and one is hanging on my wall. I hope to make many more to keep and give away. Thanks for the chance to win.

yenni a dit… #

i love making guilt for a i don't have one in my cupboard...^^

Nancy a dit… #

I haven't many very many quilts, maybe not even a dozen. About 8 have been given away to a children hospital, several to family members, and there are 2 or 3 still here and we use them when it's cold.

Thanks for participating in the giveaway. I love the fabric you're offering.

Nancy a dit… #

I'm a follower. I don't know if it's through Google Friend Connect or through Google Reader. I read your posts at Reader.

AnnieK a dit… #

I make most of my quilts with a specific person in mind to give it to, but I have made one for myself, as well. I've yet to try and sell one, but maybe some day...

Emily C a dit… #

I have not made enough quilts yet to have a dilemma as to where to display them. I like hanging them on the back of my couch and rotating which one is on display. My next quilt is going to my SIL for her new baby.

Laura a dit… #

I mainly give them as baby gifts but I have made a few for my kids.

Carrie P. a dit… #

thanks for the giveaway.
I have cabinet with glass on the front where I store some quilts. I use some on beds and I also have a ladder that I hang quilts on to display.

Carla a dit… #

Oh, I love French General!! I have quite a collection of quilts too. Many, I give away. I also try to sell the baby ones. The rest get dragged around the house by the children, used to make forts, slept under, laid upon, and sometimes folded up neatly on shelves and in rolled up in baskets :)

Carla a dit… #

I am following your blog now, with Bloglovin!

hueisei a dit… #

I'm new to quilting. So, I had make 4 quilts and I giving away to my family and friend

hueisei a dit… #

I'm a follower

Béa a dit… #

Merci pour la chance de gagner ce charm pack, j'adore ce tissu ! Je donne beaucoup de mes quilts et les autres sont pendus aux murs ou posés sur des fauteuils ou les lits. Et s'il plaît à quelqu'un qui passe à la maison, il l'emmène !

Michell a dit… #

I have to actually finish them to use them lol

Kristine a dit… #

Bonjour, je vous suis via Netvibes !

Kristine a dit… #

J'offre très souvent mes quilts, pour mes filles, mon petit-fils et mes vraies amies !

Barbara O. a dit… #

I give away most of the quilts, I have only got three quilts at home, two of them belong to my boys. Those I have at home I use as much as possible.

Barbara O. a dit… #

I follow you on Bloglovin

Ana e os Viraventos a dit… #

I usually make wuilts to giveaway as presents. I do have one planned to keep! Thanks for the giveaway. Ana

Nina a dit… #

Most of my quilts are gifts. Do you believe that I don't have any quilts in my home? I have to solve this!

Lin a dit… #

Some of my quilts have been kept and used - more recently as they have started to stack up they get draped over the back of the sofa to show them off!
But I have also made many quilts to give away - and so long as I know right from the start that they are gifts then I have no problem parting with them when the time comes.

Lin a dit… #

I am a follower of your blog

Celtic Thistle a dit… #

My quilts to date have either been given away to family or are gracing the beds and sofas in our house here and in France!

Celtic Thistle a dit… #

I have signed up to follow you on bloglovin

Nati a dit… #

Unless I happen to need a quilt I make them to give away... I certainly need to be very careful with hoarding quilts and hand made items as I live in a small apartment.

Emma a dit… #

I don't make many quilts, so currently can keep them all on the beds in my house. My grandmother had a pile of them folded in a basket in her living room, which people would get out if they were chilly.

Jenna a dit… #

Usually I make quilts to give to people, but the few we have we use on our beds! Merci pour le giveaway!

Abby a dit… #

I love to gift them or sit them on all my beds and lounges as a ever changing art display. Thanks

Thrifty Finn a dit… #

I haven't finish my first quilt which I'm totally keeping myself. If I like it enough to continue quilting, I'll be making gifts.

Deb@asimplelifequilts a dit… #

I do everything you've listed... the seasonal ones that I store I try to roll up (less folding!) and store in a closeup.

Sallie a dit… #

I keep some of my quilts and have them on every bed in the house. I give away a lot of baby quilts through our church quilt ministry. Thanks for the giveaway!

Unknown a dit… #

I use them!

Margaret a dit… #

I use all my quilts.The ones I give away to my family are presents for holidays

Margaret a dit… #

I am a new follower

Anonyme a dit… #


Anonyme a dit… #


Linda in PA a dit… #

I've given many of my quilts away. Others are on our beds. One is laid over the back of a chair in our family room. Many of my quilts are smaller and hang on our walls. Thanks for the giveaway.

sardine a dit… #

Je suis regulierement ton blog via google reader,mais helas,il faut que je change de procédés.aussi vais je m'inscrire de ce pas a ta newsletter.ce charm est vraiment tres joli.peut être aurais_je un peu de chance!!

sntbosch a dit… #

I've only made crib sized quilts for my kids. So, we keep them.

Nectarine a dit… #

bonjour, je suis abonnée à ton blog ! mes quilts ont plusieurs destinations!soit je les offre à mon entourage des nièces qui s'installent dans leur appartement par exemple.Des amis m'en achètent pour offrir autour d'eux à Noël (cela leur évite des faire du shopping) . J'en accroche dans mon escalier, j'en stocke beaucoup plié dans l'atelier .Je les expose parfois dans un petit village près de chez moi. Certains partent se faire prendre en photo pour un magazine et puis reviennent ... Mais ils me servent très peu de couvre-lit, leur destination première !

sardine a dit… #

Bon,il faudra que tu m'expliques comment s'inscrire a la newsletter.pour les patch,qui s'accumulent effectivement;soit ils sont chez moi exposés ou bien pliés,soit je les offre,mais en triant parmi les récipiendaires car je peux être tres déçue par les réactions!!

ThreadCatcher a dit… #

I give most of my quilts away. I do make wall hangings and change those out with the seasons. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

ThreadCatcher a dit… #

I am a new follower.

dawn - Mi rincón de mariposas a dit… #

I've just done some cushions and they are on my sofa :)
Thanks for the chance.

Patty a dit… #

i keep some quilts - they are very much used - and give some away as gifts. making a gift right now in fact.

Christine S a dit… #

I only started maybe 11 months ago. I have my 1st safely tucked away. The rest I have given away, I love to give them to everybody! My husband is supposed to be making me a cabinet and 2 ladder type display racks...that I am still waiting on!

Louise@ElsieMayandBertha a dit… #

The quilts I have made so far have been given as present, though I do have one for sale in my online shoe at the moment.

Montseta - Montsecosecose a dit… #

I have a few myself but they are normally gifts for others.
Terrific giveaway, thanks for the chance to win!
Best regards from Barcelona!

Vicki a dit… #

I donate my quilt tops to MCC! It is my passion! When storing quilts, they must be indoors and NOT in plastic.

Anita a dit… #

I have given away many, many quilts. Lately the quilts I make are for my own home. I keep them on the top shelf of my closet, on a quilt rack and in a folded pile in the livingroom. Thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway. J'amie beaucoup French General. Merci.

Anita a dit… #

I am following your blog on bloglovin.

Debra Lee a dit… #

I usually give them away!

Sarah a dit… #

I have a decorative wood panel that I hung on my wall and drilled hooks into. I hang my quilts on the hooks. It's kind of like a coat rack for quilts.

Mary Ann a dit… #

We use them! I even made my husband one in "coffee" colors so he wouldn't worry about spills!
Et merci

Melanie Sim (Heart and Homemade) a dit… #

I make too many quilts...some have been given away, the rest I fold into thirds and store in the closet. I'd love to have a beautiful antique armoire with a glass front to display them.

Oh but my favourite way to store quilts is on my lounge room floor, where my husband and daughter can play camping, tea parties and peek a boo! I love seeing them enjoy my work!

sandyandcosmo a dit… #

I use them, that's what they're for. I give them as gifts only to people I know will appreciate the work that went into them.

vicki a dit… #

I use everything I make,no matter what the item is

sherry a dit… #

some i give away some i have kept

Ellen a dit… #

I give them away with strict instructions that the are to be used and enjoyed!

CarrieM a dit… #

I mostly give those quilts away, and then miss them!

Lindsay a dit… #

I haven't made a lot of quilts. so far I've given away some baby quilts to new nieces/nephews, but some end up on my beds, and I change them out depending on the season. and of course, a snuggly one for naps on the couch!

Mystica a dit… #

Whatever has been made has been given away to family and friend's children (for their babies!)

Kathy a dit… #

I mostly make quilts to be used on beds, and I have given many of them away as gifts. If it's a quilt that is special to me, I put a hanging sleeve on it and display it on the wall. I rotate my favorite quilts around this way.

Dee a dit… #

I have only made a few quilts and they have all been for my kids. I have just done my first larger one for our bed.
thanks for the offer.

SIMPLESEW a dit… #

Well we use them.... because so far I have been quilting for occasions

SIMPLESEW a dit… #

I am a follower of your blog.

Nikita a dit… #

I have only made a few and they have all been for members of my family..

Needled Mom a dit… #

I tend to give the majority of mine away, but the ones that I keep I use on beds.

Needled Mom a dit… #

I am a follower of yours.

Carolyn a dit… #

I display my quilts in my home but use most of them either on beds or on walls. Thank you for this lovely giveaway.

Debora K a dit… #

I give many of the things I make to charity organizations to sell or raffle off for good causes.

Alison V. a dit… #

I have given a number of baby quilts away but everything else I keep and use!

Catskill Quilter a dit… #

I usually give quilts away as gifts. Soon, though, I will have a "quilt mountain" at my home too.

Catskill Quilter a dit… #

I am a regular follower of your blog with GFC!

Gill a dit… #

I'm already a follower (GFC)

Gill a dit… #

I give nearly all my quilts away - mainly to family members!

Cheri the Quilting Nanny a dit… #

So far I purposely make them for someone as a gift. However,everyone has one now, so I am trying to sell them...if nothing else, to recoop my expenses so I can make more! But so sales, but I keep on quilting!!! Thanks for the drawing!

Ellen a dit… #

I have given quilts to many family members and friends, and of course have quilts on our bed and one hanging as our shower curtain. I also give quilts to our guild Community Quilts program which donates quilts to people in need.

Anonyme a dit… #

I give away a lot of my quilts. The rest is hanging on the walls or used to wrap yourself in when it is cold outside. Some of them is lying on the bed (It sounds like i´ve made hundred of quilts, doesn´t it, LOL)!!
Gun, Sweden

joanold a dit… #

I use my quilts on my bed, and the mini quilts are being used on the back of chairs and settees.

Lucy | Charm About You a dit… #

I give them away! But mostly because every chair, sofa and bed in the house is covered in them :)

Kathy H a dit… #

I give most of my quilts away to friends and family and a few for charity quilts. I store them in fabric bags that I usually make. If they are made for something special, I often embroider the bag with "happy birthday" or something special. I hand our wall hangings with wooden shelves that have dowels.

Kathy H a dit… #

I am a follower.

Tanya a dit… #

I have given away many as gifts and have kept many for kids. I have sold a few. The ones at home are on a quilt rack or on a bed. The ones for sale are in a wood chest. Thanks for chance to win.

Georgia a dit… #

I haven't made any quilts yet, but I'm planning to make one with spring when my son gets a big boy bed. I'm planning for it to be used and loved. :)
peachstateme (at) hotmail (dot) com

Just Quilt It a dit… #

I usually give them away. This past year, I have made several small quilts for my own walls.

Just Quilt It a dit… #

I'm following on bloglovin!

Little Ella Lu a dit… #

I've never finished a quilt. I just recently started my first one.

Michele T a dit… #

I most enjoy making quilted items to give as gifts. I also like to make tablerunners and placemats for my home. Thanks for the chance - this fabric line is pretty!!

Tammy a dit… #

everything I make seems to be given away as gifts. I only have one quilt I have kept for me...Although I do have some seasonal wall hangings I display on my walls during the holidays. Thanks for the chance to enter ryour giveaway.

Judy H a dit… #

About 1/2 my quilts stay with family, the other 1/2 are gifts.

Michelle a dit… #

I have not yet made a quilt, but I wouldn't store any quilted items I made. I would use them\

detroitgirl77 AT gmail DOT com

Michelle a dit… #

I follow via bloglovin

detroitgirl77 AT gmail DOT com

Becky a dit… #

I hang quilts as wall-hanging, use as tablecloths, on chairs, on stair railing. I give away some quilts, but I keep some, too. Many thanks!

Becky a dit… #

I am a blog follower!

Deb a dit… #

I haven't made many quilts...only baby quilts and those I have given away.

Deb a dit… #

I am a follower.

Valerie a dit… #

I love to give away my quilts as gifts, makes me feel incredibly good! I've also made a few just for us (two for each kid, one to live on the couch and I'm working on one for my bed now).

Ramona a dit… #

I have only made a few quilts but have given them away. I plan to make some to keep and use when it is cold.

Vicki H a dit… #

Most of my quilts are given away to family members. I just bought a couple of swim noodles at the dollar store to use for storing small quilts. Just wrap the quilt around the noodle and pin closed and then store away.

Rina Mason a dit… #

I use some of mine, decorate with them, give them to friends and family and do lots of charity quilts.

Rina Mason a dit… #

I am now a follower thanks to the hop.

Lindsay a dit… #

Je n'ai fini qu'un quilt, et c'est sur le lit de mon petit fils (il a 3 ans!) C'etait un de ses cadeaux de Noel!

PS Desolee pour mon mauvais francais! Je suis Americaine et ca fait longtemps que j'ai essaye d'erire en francais!!

Jeanette a dit… #

I haven't made a great many quilts, but I've both kept and given away. Mostly given away, though- but what I've kept, we use regularly!

Sandra a dit… #

Some I keep some are gifts.


Christine a dit… #

I give away most of what I make. Those I've kept are used, not stored.

Lia*s Handmades a dit… #

That's 3 questions at once! LOL! ;)
I most make things to give them away as gifts. I've also made a small wall-hanging for a competition that is now displayed in our kitchen.
Other than that I have a space in my wardrobe where I fold everything up neatly to store it.

jeifner a dit… #

I haven't made a lot of quilts but I have yet to keep one for myself. I'd like to make one for me but it seems there are so many others that need one as well. We use them on our beds. If they are more delicate we use put them on the guest beds for decoration and remove them for sleeping. We also hang them up on the walls like one would with a painting. When not using them we clean them and fold them, if they'll be used in the near future, or we do have acid free archival storage boxes to put them in if we need to.

craftykat a dit… #

I love to give my quilts as gifts! I have only recently made some for the house and they are usually draped over the lounge!

Anya a dit… #

I give many away to family and friends, as well as to lots of charities. But I also have lots of quilts in my house, on the beds and on the walls. Thank you for the chance!

Jan Baker a dit… #

I have given everything away but one Christmas quilt. But I am staring to make fir myself.

Jan Baker a dit… #

Follow on bloglovin

LalaLand a dit… #

Most of my quilts are made with someone in mind or for a particular occasion - my pile of UFOs are the ones that are meant for me and always get put on to the back burner! Though I have managed to finish some cushion covers for our sofa this year.

Jodi a dit… #

Sorry I can only comment in English. I haven't made my first quilt yet - I am hoping to make 2 this year. One for me and one for my daughter. I guess once I get into it I will probably do the same thing with quilts as I do with everything else I make - I will give it away to the special people in my life who I love.

CLS a dit… #

My quilts are made to be used. They are stored on a quilt ladder in my bedroom.

Lynn M a dit… #

My favorite thing to do with quilts is to give them away. I have not finished a quilt for myself. but I suppose it would be used all the time to keep myself from being cold even during the summer. I get cold easy. thanks for the chance!

Anonyme a dit… #

I like to give my quilts away to be used, or hang them on the walls, over the sofa, or on my boys' beds when they feel cold. Anywhere where they'd get a lot of use!

Brittney a dit… #

Merci pour le chance de gagner le charm pack (et pardon mon francais - il est tres pauvre!). Je travaille sur mon premier quilt - Je suis un quilter nouveau.

Joyce Carter a dit… #

Thank you so much for a great giveaway. I use to make my quilts to sell at a Craft Store. Now, I just make them for the family or to give away.

danielle a dit… #

So far, all of the quilts I have made have either been given away to be used, or been used by us. I'm a bit practical that way.

Pippa Parsons a dit… #

im a follower

Pippa Parsons a dit… #

I give most of mine away to charity, friends or family

Bethany a dit… #

I love giving them away as gifts, the ones that we still have in the house we use regularly so I have them folded in the corner of the living room (most of the time)!!

Unknown a dit… #

I fold them in a pile in a chair in the corner. But, I only have 4... I gave all the rest of them away :) I plan to get a glass chest like I always see at the quilt shows, but they are very expensive :)

Unknown a dit… #

I follow you currently on GFC and Blog lovin

Karrie a dit… #

I follow GFC

Karrie a dit… #

I have a lot of quilts that I give away

wonderlandbyalyce a dit… #

Merci beaucoup pour le giveaway! Tout les quilts je have made so far have been to gift to others. Mon petit children are waiting for their turn to get a quilt. Can you tell I took 2 years of francais in le high school and this is the best I can do? wonderlandbyalyce at gmail dot com

佩仪pueyyee a dit… #

I usually give them away as a gift. thanks.

Unknown a dit… #

I give away.

Dresden Quilter a dit… #

Most of my quilts are given away.

Melissa Miller a dit… #

I've yet to make a quilt and really am wanting to soon. Thank you for doing a giveaway.

robin a dit… #

I like to give them away as gifts, usually.

robin a dit… #

I'm a follower with Bloglovin.

Karen O a dit… #

Wonderful that you found some French-themed fabric to give away. Love it. I have completed a quilt for each of my children, a few table toppers, and one charity quilt. Small house, so I can't accumulate too many. After I make my own, I will be making one for each of my 3 closest friends.

Karen O a dit… #

I am already a follower!

Darlington Delights a dit… #

Thank you for the elegant fabric giveaway! As for my quilts...I keep them in the family. We don't store them or display them...we use them.

Darlington Delights a dit… #

I'm a new follower...looking forward to your future posts.

quilary a dit… #

I think I am growing a quilt mountain too! The ones I've made for my children live in their rooms and the others I have made are piled up in the sewing room (some waiting to be quilted and bound), and two are laid out on the back of my lounges. I have given away lots of baby quilts and many table runners/table toppers.

tusen a dit… #

I make most of my quilts as gifts for my family and some for special friends, too. The three that I made for my husband and myself are in constant use on our bed.

Christine a dit… #

I've never made a full size quilt, just cushions, runners, bags and such like

Christine a dit… #

I've joines as a follower

Lee a dit… #

I am always giving them away! I need to make some to keep my husband says lol thank you!

Lee a dit… #

I am a new follower too!

OnePerfectDay a dit… #

I don't make quilts, but I guess it's the same principle for any handmade object: What to do with the volume of things you make?

This was the reason I opened my etsy shop. You give lots away to friends and family, but a hobby with materials that must be paid for has to be sustained....

Thanks for the giveaway!

Anonyme a dit… #

I'm still working on my first quilt. I'm sure I will save it to pass along to my kids.
mcintoshsusan@hotmail dot com

Jaime a dit… #

We definitely use all the quilts - seems wrong not to!

Hazel Catkins a dit… #

I'm not such a great quilter, so I make them to give to my kids or to use in my own room.

Susan a dit… #

I give mine away - I am thinking of making one for myself but then I find someone else that needs one. Merci!

Abbigail a dit… #

I do all 3 with my quilts! Some I give away, some are on display and others stored away! Sorry I can't help you with that problem!
hulseybg at gmail dot com

Abbigail a dit… #

I'm a new follower by bloglovin!
hulseybg at gmail dot com

Valerie a dit… #

Je n'ai pas encore fait de quilt, mais j'aimerais l'apprendre :-)


Rebeckah Austin a dit… #

I give them away!

Erika a dit… #

I haven't made a lot of quilts but the ones I have made are used, not displayed.

Anonyme a dit… #

I'm just a beginning sewer and am hoping this is the year to make my first quilt so I don't have that problem yet. However, we seem to be inundated with quilts in our house already. Quite a few I have vacuum sealed in plastic bags. I really should rotate them more often so they get a chance to be used and "breathe"

Rachel a dit… #

I've given most of mine away. A few hang on the walls as art, out of the sun. The rest are made to be used.

Beth a dit… #

When I begin a quilt, I know if it is to be a gift or kept by us. When I'm done, gifts get sent away, and our quilts are kept out, where we'll use them.

Beth a dit… #

I am a new follower with Google Friend Connect.

tlcala4me a dit… #

I have not complete any quilts to manage, but recently came upon the advice that they need air to breathe and protection from oils. So that a dark, dry closet may be be mostly fine, provided that they are not folded tightly, and that dress boxes work too. Tissue paper may be the best packing material.

My first quilt is nearly finished and is going to my daughter. The one after that, I will have to figure out the same question.

tlcala4me a dit… #

I am now following you on Bloglovin and Pinterest.

Diann a dit… #

Most often I give them away as gifts.

Allison a dit… #

To be very honest, I don't actually have a quilt made that is /finished/ yet. But once I get the binding on and throw it in the wash, plus make more that are in progress, I think I will be giving all but one or two away to family members for Christmas this year.

CraftyHourMom a dit… #

My first quilt is in heavy use on the basement couch! The other two are in various stages of completion so I'm not sure where they will live. I think the wonky stars quilt I'm working on will hang on our bedroom wall!

Thakns for the chance!

Lady of the Cloth a dit… #

I give most of my quilts away but also have them folded in a cabinet so I can pet them. Thanks for having this giveaway . I love those French General fabric

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