vendredi 17 mai 2013

Calling out to SIMPLESEW!

This SMS Giveaway is proving a little complicated. The first name out of the hat was a "no reply" blogger and although I tried my best to find her I wasn't successful!

The second name was SIMPLESEW! Are you there?? I'm happy to say that you won a prize from me - a "La Belle Fleur" charm pack. I've sent you two emails asking for your address so I can put it in the post but haven't had a reply. I put a "read receipt" on the 2nd one but it wasn't returned. This is one of my last attempts to contact you before I draw another name. 

I am worried because we have communicated successfully before and have followed each other's blogs for some time. On reflection - I will wait until after the weekend - Monday morning before I do the draw again - in case you are away from home. Looking forward to hearing from you!

2 commentaires:

Needled Mom a dit… #

Good luck. That is so frustrating.

SIMPLESEW a dit… #

I was out of town, Meeting a new Blogging buddy, I have sent you my address, thank you so much.

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