vendredi 4 janvier 2013

Easy Street - le progrès! Easy Street progress!

Hier, j'ai passé beaucoup de temps tailler les "oreilles" de mes blocs oies volantes. Cela fait du fouillis!
Yesterday I spent some considerable time removing the "ears" from my flying geese blocks. This made quite a mess!!

C'est quand je trouve ce petit truc utile. En avez-vous? J'ai acheté le mien chez Lidl France. Il est conçu pour nettoyer les miettes et dans la voiture, mais il est très utile dans l'atelier aussi.
This is when I find this little gadget useful. Do you have one? I bought mine at Lidl France. It's designed for cleaning crumbs and in the car, but it's very useful in the sewing room too!

Il tout nettoie les petits bouts facilement.
It makes quick work of clearing the tiny scraps!

Il est aussi bien utile pour le sol lorsque vous ne voulez pas aller chercher le gros aspirateur! Je m'inquiète que nos chats peuvent avaler des longueurs de fils à coudre donc j'aime faire un peu du rangemant de temps en temps!
It's also useful for the floor when I don't want to fetch the hoover! I worry that our cats might swallow lengths of sewing thread so I like to have a quick whizz round from time to time!

J'ai aussi découvert que ce n'est pas une bonne idée de porter un  polaire pendant cette tâche ...
I also found out that it's not a good idea to wear a fleece while carrying out this task ...   

Je peux commencer maintenant à coudre les blocs ...
I can now start sewing the blocks together ...


3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit… #

Hi Lynne, your French is reaaly good and I can't wait to see your easy streeet quilt. I've just had a look at Bonnir's and it is marvellous. Lots of work !

Bouts Choisis a dit… #

Hi "Anonyme" - Many thanks for your kind words about my French - I'm learning and writing the blog helps!I'm sorry I can't reply directly to your comment and I'm not sure whether I should be replying here in French or English - but you obviously know both! I was amazed by the design of Easy Street when it was revealed - I hadn't guessed at anything like it is! It's stunning. Mine will be smaller at 3 x 3 blocks. I'm not too happy about some of my green coloured fabrics but I was determined to use my scraps - otherwise it's coming along!

Needled Mom a dit… #

I can't wait to see your big reveal.

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