mercredi 18 avril 2012

Fête et cadeau/ Giveaway - Celebration Giveaway.

Aujourd'hui, j'ai des nouvelles! Je suis heureuse de vous dire que mon petit blog a reçu 10.000 visites. J'étais vraiment ravie! Merci à tous ceux qui ont fait un saut et j'espère que vous avez trouvé quelque chose intéressante ou amusante. Merci de votre patience avec mon français!
I've such good news today! I'm happy to tell you that my little blog has now had 10,000 visitors. I'm truly delighted! Thanks to everyone who has dropped in and I hope you have found something interesting or amusing. Thank you to my French readers for their patience with my terrible French!

Pour fêter cet événement, je vais offrir un cadeau "Giveaway"...
To celebrate this event I am offering a Giveaway ...

Pour mon premier "Giveaway" ... peut-être vous pourriez recevoir ceux-ci. ...
For my first Giveaway ... you could receive these ...

Ici nous avons une jolie carte postale de Sajou ; un paire de ciseaux à pois pour couper vos fils et un découd-vite en étain. (Naturellement, une quilteuse n'a jamais besoin d'un découd-vite ... donc vous pouvez le garder pour la décoration!!!) ...
Here we have a pretty postcard from Sajou (a French company selling fabulous vintage style needlework accessories and haberdashery); a pair of  polka dot scissors for thread cutting and a Victorian style pewter seam ripper. (Of course a quilter never needs to use a seam ripper - but you can keep it for decoration!!!) ...

Pour avoir la possibilité de gagner - laissez moi un commentaire, s'il vous plaît et proposer un nom pour mon Poids Plume 221 de 1953. Vous pouvez lire son histoire ici... Elle a besoin d'un joli nom!
To have the chance of winning - please leave me a comment and suggest a name for my Featherweight 221 from 1953. You can read her story here ... She needs a pretty name!

Bonne chance! Je peux envoyer dans le monde entier. Je vais annoncer la gagnante dans quinze jours ( le 2 mai) ...

Good Luck! I can post to anywhere in the world. I'll announce the winner in a fortnight on May 2nd ...

22 commentaires:

meebo1 a dit… #

As she is only a year (or less) younger than me, she could be called meebo2

Unknown a dit… #

10,000 followers? Wow! What lovely prizes for the giveaway! Name for the about Elsie? I've always liked that old-fashioned name. Thanks!

Kathrynn a dit… #

Congratulations on 10,000 followers. How about Josephine?

Ginette a dit… #

Congratulations on 10 000 visitors!! I am awful at naming things so I googled the most popular name in 1953, it was Mary. Thanks for the opportunity!

Diann a dit… #

Congratulations on having so many visitors. For the Featherweight, how about Maude?

Lee a dit… #

Congratulations! I think Charlene would be very nice which is French and means small beauty!

hueisei a dit… #

I have a featherweight too, it's from my mom. Lol, I don't have a name for her, maybe I should give her too..
Well, how about Rose??

Elisabetta a dit… #

I read your Singer story and I imagined two possible names for it! the best one to me could be "Brighton Queen" and the second one an easy "Trilly" ^^)
thank you so much for this lovely giveaway

Nectarine a dit… #

Puisqu'il est question de plumes je dirais merlette ou black bird pour ta machine à coudre . Bonne journée

Gill a dit… #

How about Sally Singer??

Lynn a dit… #

how about delilah?

Becky a dit… #

What about Belle? I call my Featherweight Belle Noir.

Anonyme a dit… #


June D a dit… #
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par son auteur.
June D a dit… #

Lightweight Lynne!

Sallie a dit… #

Congratulations! I'd name her Jolie (said with a French accent).

Jocelyn a dit… #

Congratulations! I too have a Featherweight that I love. I don't really have a name for mine, but I think Sweet Bebe would be a perfect name :-)

Snoodles a dit… #

Congratulations, and I think the name Bonnie (as in a bonnie lass) would be nice since she is from Scotland! What a beauty she is...loved reading the post about her. Thanks for the chance to win!

Karen M a dit… #

How about Catherine in honor of Catherine Deneuve, who I have always thought is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans a dit… #

What a lovely sewing machine! I'll suggest 'Bonne Amie' = good friend. I'm sure she will be your very best friend! Congrats on 10000+ visits - awesome.

robin a dit… #

How about Charlotte? Congratulations!

Bouts Choisis a dit… #

Congratulations, Ginette! You are the winner (as selected by a random number generator in Open office). Will send you an email so I can learn how to send your prize.

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