dimanche 23 mars 2014

Je rêve de printemps! I'm dreaming of spring!

Je rêve de printemps! Le temps nous a taquiné pendant quelques jours la semaine dernière - je croyais le printemps était arrivé ... mais non. Ce week-end, il a fait froid et nous avons eu beaucoup de grêle. Alors, quoi faire? Je vais faire des fleurs de printemps?
I'm dreaming of spring! The weather teased us for a few days last week and I believed that spring had arrived ... but no! This weekend has been cold and we've had heavy showers of hail. What to do? Make spring flowers?

Il fait trop froid pour travailler dans le jardin. La couture commence!
It's too cold for gardening! Let the sewing begin!

1 commentaire:

Lin a dit… #

Yes hail showers for us too but must not complain as we had a couple of weeks of gorgeous weather and the garden really did need a drink! Love your fabrics - looking forward to seeing the flowers. xx

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